Live Art for your event

A unique feature for your special event. Have an artist create works of art in your own back yard. You can request a single artist or an eclectic group of artists. Full entertainment organization can also be requested. Create a special atmosphere for your party, wedding reception, birthday, graduation or other event.

Featured single artists:

Airom Bleicher

Thought drawings. Airom sits guests for a psychological interview and creates a visual tapestry in response to what he hears $400 for 3hrs includes all work created during the cognitive interviews
Max Neutra Hip energetic high speed paintings To be negotiated
Alex Schaefer Live portraits To be negotiated

Groups of artists:

Group of artists: $500. Eclectic group of artists will paint and various locations.

Group of artists premium: $1000. Includes popular mid career and well known artists.

Full entertainment organization:$ 1000. Includes group of artists, musical performances and DJ.

Full entertainment premium: starting at $4000. Includes popular mid career and well known artists and popular musicians and light photographical documentation of the event.

Optional: Purchase 1 live art piece from each artist for a flat $2000 for all artwork. Each artist will leave a piece they created behind for a memory of the evening.