Art Licensing and Rental

Art Rental

Our rate for rental is 15% of artwork value per week. This fee covers compensation for borrowing and using the work and limited licensing for use in film or publication on other media. Please contact us to arrange art rental.

Art Licensing

Work by our artists is available to suit an extensive range scenarios emotions and settings. Licensing fee depends on usage please contact us with a brief description of your needs for a quote.

Unlimited Licensing and Rental

A monthly fee based service for producers interested in access to unlimited synchronization image rights, and limited rental of their represented artists for a monthly or yearly fee.

Monthly $2400, Yearly $18000

Fee includes
-License for image usage rights (in conjunction with motion picture) of any artist we have under contract.
-$1600 worth of art rental of available works per month and a 50% discount on additional rental.
-40% discount on artist custom image creation commissions.
-3 free curator consultations per month (curator can suggest symbolically or aesthetically relevant work for the scene, art display tips, consistency of dialogue with art content, etc).
-20% discount on artwork purchases
-producer credit and promotion as featured client (optional)